The Chaos Constant
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The Chaos Constant

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Luis Ortega Martínez
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WHAT WOULD YOU ASK IF YOU HAD ALL THE ANSWERS AT YOUR FINGERTIPS?Martin Vadoz attempts to explain the discovery of an impossible being and a mysterious artefact. Neurologist and firm defender of the scientific method, he attempts to explain the inexplicable and ends up burdened by the weight of absolute knowledge about existence itself.In another time, the astrophysicist Tetso Erizawa travels towards the outer confines of the Solar System, unaware that he may be condemning the entire human race to an unimaginable torture.The Chaos Constant is an addictive, surprising and unusual blend of Lovecraftian science fiction and horror, where nothing is as it seems. The carefully crafted plot zips along at a breath-taking pace as it attempts to give rational explanations for matter and consciousness, the origins and the destiny of the universe and what life is.