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Liliana Marchesi
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Adobe Digital Editions
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A dystopian saga built on the belief that man knows about and uses only a fraction of the brain’s real ability. A saga in which heart and mind collide against a backdrop of unrest, passions, plotting, and extreme actions. A story that will shock you!A perfect world where there is no place for crime. A flawless system, the Mind, which has been able to eradicate the corruption from society and give everyone a peaceful and happy life. Of course, the differences between social classes are still there, but everyone is given the opportunity to live with dignity.Only a scourge afflicts humanity: the numerous and unexplained infant deaths which no one seems to care much about. No one but Kendall, who finds herself unwillingly involved in the incredible truth that lies behind these deaths.On a cold night in Brooklyn, Kendall Green’s life will be upset by an unexpected encounter that will reveal the existence of the Orphans, a secret faction that has managed to escape the control of the Mind and who will do anything to bring this empire of lies to the ground.What makes us unique is the freedom to be ourselves.If you take away this... it is as if we are condemned to live in nothing but death’s wake.To find out more about the R.I.G. Saga and about the author herself, please stop by her website: