The Dragon Lover
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The Dragon Lover

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Maialen Alonso
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Mira manages to enter the publishing world when her novel is published, but she also has to enter the dark world of eroticism. When her adventurous editor asks her to spice up her new novel with something scandalous that overflows with sex. However, Mira is a virgin and her only experience is through reading erotic books, which doesn’t give her the experience she needs. When she moves to her new apartment she meets Kwon a Korean man with grey eyes that enjoys teasing and baiting Mira and Mira responds with her strong character. However, he arranges to become her sexual mentor. Mira has a lot to learn if she wants her book to be a success. What she doesn’t know is that she will end up experiencing the delights of submission and pleasure with a man that will capture her innocence.Includes the short story Dark Desire.