Carpe Diem
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Carpe Diem

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Pino Ranieri
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Oltre le distanze...  Beyond distances …I left my body on November 20, 2014. Here are just a few words, charged with emotion, for those who never stopped believing in love and who never, ever give up. SynopsisThis is a small collection of writings and poems written from the soul to reach the heart of people all over the world. Your contribution is simply to read this book, just this will turn a dream into reality. If this book has found its way to you it is because you have a generous heart. You are participating in a gift that a daughter wishes to share in memory of her dear father. All you need to do is read it, and then pass it on to someone who would enjoy it. Someone dear to you, who would then pass this book on to someone else, so that many people can share and enjoy this small but heartfelt gift ...