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Chiara B. D’oria
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“The last scene, seared in my mind, was that of a girl with long brown hair, gripping a wooden stake and upholding the honour of our race. We are what we are and she had just joined our fate. We are what we are. We are Vampire Slayers…”You might run but you cannot hide… Mya and Chrissie decide to leave Italy and move to  Scotland, seeing in going to college the chance to escape the pain that threatens to drag them down. Yet they cannot know that the memories they are desperately trying to forget are nothing compared to what Fate has in store for them. Because the small, somnolent town of St. Jillian is not the safe haven they were looking for but a different kind of hell, full of new memories they’ll want to forgetVampires, werewolves, demon slayers, millenary wars, and a reality that mankind needs never find out. Throughout their adventures, Mya and Chrissie keep reminding each other that it is part of our Fate to love and to fight, and we can’t escape it. So what is the point of running yet again?A Dark Romance in which the lives of several people are intertwined. Mya, Chrissie, Dorian, William – all of them are looking for their way in a world governed by a superior power that seems not to care about the struggles of us mere mortals, simple pawns in its greater plans. They say that Fate loves and hates us in the same measure – so why does hatred seem to prevail?

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