Amazons In Medieval Europe
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Amazons In Medieval Europe

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Ana Claudia Antunes
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How Amazons entered the imaginary to become legends? This book about the Amazons, the wiches, men and women in Medieval Europe, is like no other in the subject, since it´s a tale told in first person, as the author talks about it as a witness and protagonist in extremely realistic and original elements converged to give free access to past lives. You will expand your knowledge of the Middle Ages with first-person accounts about the Amazons, what they did, who they met, the risks and dangers suffering until became true living legends. A Tale highly engaging, moving and shocking at the same time that will make you wonder if all this was really true or just part of a collective soul. Dreams, fantasies, goddesses who lived on Earth long before it was colonized? Feel part of the world of Amazon in this book that reveals the synthesis of human knowledge within the collective consciousness. This is the second book of Memoirs of an Amazon Series. The Series include two more books: Amazons from Ancient to Medieval Times (Book 1) Amazons Today (Book 3) Happy reading / riding!