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“From Atheism to Walking in the Supernatural”
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Tamara V Gozzi
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After An Atheist in the Presence to keep writing and sharing the amazing experience of walking with God was almost a must. It is a duty as disciples of Jesus to share with the audience what the transformational power of God can do in peoples lives. We are living difficult times; so much so that the supernatural has become necessary if we want to be successful citizens. Unemployment, natural disasters, bankruptcies, diseases and even rare diseases are no longer under our control. We are literally living the end times and it is time to wake-up and rise. Whether we believe it or not; whether we see it or not, the invisible realm is real. The lack of knowledge will destroy us as the Bible stipulates; but if we choose humility over pride, we can certainly start operating in the supernatural and use the tools available to us and face our adversities. This book will help you understand that the invisible realm is as real as the visible realm; therefore, in order to operate effectively in the spiritual world it is necessary to make a bypass to our reasoning and start obeying the commandments.

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