I Love Men

I Love Men
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María Ortíz
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I Love Men is a self-help book. It focuses on the positive aspects of men. They are required to do many things that sometimes are not easy to achieve or reach. Many of them have childhood experiences that make them cry, and they have been told on many occasions that men dont cry. In fact, men of good heart do cry. Some of them use alcohol to express their pain; others express it with violence. It is not the most appropriate way, but they are beings in need of love and understanding.
They are treated very hard for being unfaithful. But there are studies that show that the tendency towards infidelity is an affective lack that comes from parents or influential members of the family. This doesnt justify it, but I have seen on many occasions how men do not abandon a cause or their previous families. Although its sometimes too late, he repents and apologizes many times and, before his death, laments his mistakes and committed damage.

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