Believers Foundations Training Manual

Believers Foundations Training Manual
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Osmond Owusu
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The Believers Foundations Training Manual is a must study book for any newly born again believer in the Lord Jesus Christ. The book is also strongly recommended study for any believer who wants to ensure their foundational roots in the Word of God grows deeper. Many church groups do not have consistent training material for the newly born-again Christian. These are, for the most part, left to feed on scraps they could find here and there. Those who provide any such material seldom address critical and pertinent questions the new babe in Christ may have. The world is more complex, and has unique challenging puzzles for the Christian faith; especially for the new Christian. This manual is designed to support the new Christian in the quest to seek the Lord Jesus from the very pages of the Holy Scriptures.
This manual also equips the new believer to also not accept anything at face value, but ask good questions for clarification. This comes from the premise that the Holy Scriptures have the answers. The believer is imbibed with the notion that the answers, that the Lord Jesus has revealed, can be known in the pages of the scriptures through diligent search.
For those of us who are older in the faith, you may have some of your long-held beliefs challenged by biblical textual evidence. We all need this learning curve to help us grow. Its a tremendous journey. Come aboard. For those who know it all, this manual is not for you.

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