How Many Am I?

How Many Am I?
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Quiet Messages
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Salvador Corona
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The answer to enter wholehearted to whatever path is God.
At the age of fourteen, his elementary teacher sowed in Salvador Corona the seed of writing a book. Since then, he gave himself to the task of writing, writing, and writing without knowing much about it. Nearly after fourteen years of practice and pursuit of his dream, he entered the ways of God and emerged, due to his persistence, with this magnificent work, How Many Am I?, from God to the poet, from the poet to your senses. In Quiet Messages, the author shares in verses and voices of the soul, inspiration that will move you to do the following:

Find yourself
Inspire you in the challenges
Bring to life the voices
Share messages that motivate
Paint life the color of your passion

Besides this being a rampant Passion, I share in Requests, Challenges, and Achievements works of art in which you will see that we have something in common. I hope in God that this message will be printed in your heart.

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