Healing Point of Inter- Racial Hope
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Healing Point of Inter- Racial Hope

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Uhuru Nyabuto Mangerere
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The World Order revival started with Abraham Lincoln and reignited by America and South Africa. As the world history confirms various events, it is true that human beings and other animal Kingdoms have always struggled to lead a free life with all rights for the pursuit of happiness in different capacities. Unfortunately, it is now recognized that the struggle towards that effect is distracted and sometimes completely obstructed by one group over another without a real workable unanimous new World Order. The result is disorderly world of chaos and wars where anybody can be a launcher, but everybody remains a target. The response to such an effect is definitely projected to be the turning point of hope and the purpose of this book if positive accomplishments can be expected in the future generations. Please read it completely and I will be available for any questions and feedbacks.