That Moment When . . . .
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That Moment When . . . .

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LeNora Millen
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Most people on the planet experience moments that send them into various stages of joy or stages of complete embarrassment. That moment may set the stage to dream of showing off for the world or dependent on the situationmay cause a few people to retreat into hiding. Unfortunately, many of our most embarrassing moments are indelibly engrained within our mindand as much as one would hope to forget those not so pleasant moments, the memory leaves many in a state of wishing that the moment was merely an afterthought. This book is written to remind the readers flipping through its pages that we all have our moments. For example, moments where you finally forgive your significant other for handing you the Preparation H instead of the toothpaste as you gagged and splashed water from the bathroom sink into your mouth. And what does the significant other say between laugher? Oops, my badI grabbed the wrong tube. Really? Or that moment when you flipped off a driver slowing up traffic. After passing the car, you look over and noticed that it was your pastors mother. That incident sent you into prayer after desperately attempting to contact the pastor before his mother hit speed dial. What about the moment when you smashed the digital scale because of gaining a few pounds before the wedding. Smashing that scale didnt reduce your weight but most certainly increased you blood-pressure. And just when you thought that it was safe, you open this book. At the flip of a page, you are reminded of the incriminating moment when you ate your coworkers lunch. Within hours, your butt was glued to the toilet dealing with a bad case of diarrhea. To make matters worse, the coworker stood outside of the stall yelling I knew it was you, nothing like getting to the bottom of something dude. He continues, Hey buddy howd ya like that chocolate cake laced with Ex-lax and chocolate flavored frosting you moron? Whether youre having a senior moment, a positive moment, an eventful moment, a negative moment, a precious moment, an embarrassing moment, or an epic moment, etc., you have arrived at. . . .
That Moment When! Fasten your seatbelts and enjoy the momentous ride!