The Art of Nothing
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The Art of Nothing

My Path to Inner Peace and Love
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Beatrice Pitocco
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The Buddhists believe that the First Noble Truth is suffering. To live is to suffer, or so they say.
In my efforts to try and understand this life, I have realized that life is nothing more than a dream. We all have to suffer something in this lifetime, and in doing so, we have a choice in the way we accept our very own suffering.

There isnt a soul on this planet that has not had to suffer something, be it illness, loss, hardship of some kind, war, destruction, or loneliness.

In my own quest to find my own inner peace, I have taken to the art of nothing. I have stopped searching to fill the void and, in contrast, have tried as best I could to come to terms with the loneliness that has been the only thing that never seems to leave me alone.

To live is to suffer. How you suffer is a choice. Choose well.