Peace Be Still
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Peace Be Still

Prayers of Intercession; What Do You Do When Life Falls Apart?
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Marcia Meikle-Naughton
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Hell has no fury as a man or woman scorned. Relationships, like storms blowing swiftly and fading away into nothingnessonly to gather again for the next storm. A storm that does not respect age, race, sex, or economic status; this is an equal opportunity condition.
I experienced a relationship storm that shook the core of my marriage. I had waited many years and believed this was the right choice for me; the waiting was over at last. I would be happyI had foundMr. Right! This was my marriage in 2014: Ms. Commit Phobia and Mr. Over-Committed, united in holy matrimony!

Peace Be Still is a walk on the wild side from a spiritual perspective: re-gaining and conquering what the enemy had stolen. Through a series of prayersI had to go into the house of the strongman and regain what he took, applying strong prayers, fasting and taking risks; I did what God directed me to do and walked in obedience. I was willing to step out in faith and took risks, unwilling to play it safe under spiritual attacks. Jesus met me at the point of my need and honored my faiththe restoration of my life and my home. As according to Joel 2:25-26: restoration of what the worms ate (lost years); the Lord restored and planted me in my promised land, flowing in abundance with love, joy, peace and happiness.

Peace be Still is not for the faint-hearted in faith or prayer. Faith, and taking possession of your possessions by exercising spiritual authority in persistent prayerbombarding the camp of the enemy and destroying the works of the enemy will allow you to gain access to the promised land that is yoursand yours by divine right! Nothing is impossible through faithbelieve what you set your heart and mind to attain will become your reality.

As you conquer your promised land flowing with bountiful blessings of milk and honeyLove, Joy, Peace and Happiness is your reward in Jesus name.

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