Getting Ready for Secession
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Getting Ready for Secession

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Carl Wells
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The end is near . . . or the beginning
The United States is falling-down-drunk broke. We are bankrupt. We were, of course, morally bankrupt first. Our moral bankruptcy led to our financial bankruptcy.

What happens if/when the financial system implodes?

This huge and out-of-control baby-killing, wedding-bombing Leviathan may implode as well.

That sounds like it might be dangerous, because it is. But reality exists. (Thats my theory, anyway, and Im sticking to it.) No evil empire goes on forever. Ask Assyria, Nazi Germany, and the Soviet Union.

God is sovereign. And He will strongly support those whose heart is completely His (2 Chronicles 16:9).

Maybe the end of the United States can be a turning point for enormous good in world history.

But we all, Christians and non-Christians, need to think about this a lot more . . .

Hence, Getting Ready for Secession by Carl Wells.