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Problem Solving Unshackled by Rhyme or Reason
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Roy Wepner
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Untethered: Problem Solving Unshackled by Rhyme or Reason explores problems that are large, small, trivial, and imaginary. And it provides solutions to these problems that are free from the restraints of logic and practicality. Roy Wepners solutions are way beyond outside the box. They will make you forget that the boxand even your problemsever existed. Among the knotty problems from the world of politics solved by Wepner are how to deal with the corrupting influence of money on politics; how and when to start presidential campaigns; how to make the presidential candidates running mate more useful; and a surprise nominee for admission as the next member of the European Union. Wepner solves workplace problems, including a surefire way to avoid getting fired. He promotes the general welfare with a variety of best practices for producing and watching television; long overdue changes to our mind numbingly tedious calendars; and even a way to assure that we take our meds every day. Wepner even conjures up several ways to improve baseball. The one problem he cant help you with is passing up this opportunity for a few chuckles and maybe even a guffaw or two.