First and Ten on the Twenty…Is It Football, Business or Life?
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First and Ten on the Twenty…Is It Football, Business or Life?

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Todd A. Smith
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The concept of First and Ten on the Twenty..Is it Football, Business or Life? was derived from the following universal concept-- one has to go through the thirty- yard line before one gets to the forty, and then the forty- yard line until one gets to the fifty- yard line, reaching the halfway point before progressing through another fifty yards to score a touchdown . The same is true in business and in life. All progress and achievements are built on incrementalism.
While this was not the only comparison between business and life to football, the books concept was born. Football is more than a game; there is a process for accomplishment and success built into it. It is a process that can be replicated in both business and in life, even if one is not a devout football fan.

Watching and observing numerous football games, the process began to clarify and to take shape. In First and Ten on The Twenty is it Football Business or Life? topics are covered such as Attitude, Preparation, The Fumble, The Person in The Skybox, Creating Fans, Crossing the Goal Line, The Defense-Obstacles, The Draft, Preparation and much more.

The book details twenty-five distinct items that will greatly assist in creating a well organized and thought out plan. To quote the book,

A great attitude coupled with a well thought out and executed plan is the path to success. A great attitude without a plan is only a party.

You bring the attitude and First and Ten on the Twenty is it Football, Business or Life? will provide the process to create the plan for your success.