The In-Between Time
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The In-Between Time

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Micki Mongogna-Alarcon
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Shala is a beautiful mysterious girl. She had long black hair with brilliant green eyes that look like shiny emeralds. She learns to love and appreciate the man (Yantox) who found her and took on the father role for her. She has no idea who she really is or where she has come from. She tried to get answers from Yantox, but once she saw the horrendous pain that it caused him, she decided she would try to find out the answers on her own. Yantox finds how much he misses and actually loves Shala after a forced separation of one year. He even finds that because of her, he has a complete attitude change. He is unable to answer any questions regarding Shalas heritage as he has the same problem of not knowing who he is or where he is from. The forest around the village has a mysterious course that causes humans that tread there and remain after dusk, meet with disastrous consequences.
Shala is always trying to find the answers to her questions. She finds herself caught in the in between time where she remains herself, but the characters she meet see her very differently. She finds that her life continues to be confusing. A very special gift that she possesses will assist her by guiding her to safety. She finds that as she follows her adventures to find out who she is and where she belongs, makes her a much stronger person.