With Malice Toward Few
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With Malice Toward Few

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Frank A. Knittel
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WITH MALICE TOWARD FEW depicts the adventurous journey of a young man who begins teaching in a one-room schoolhouse on a bayou in Louisiana at the age of 16 after only two years of college.
Through flashbacks his younger life is introduced as the story unfolds. A thread of humor runs through the story as his life takes on one unexpected twist after another. Teaching and administrative experiences will bring smiles to any teacher, student, or former student of any age, because most can identify with some or several of the episodes. If not, one can laugh with the author.

Humorous personal episodes are also included in the story, showing the authors intense enjoyment as well as sometimes frustration in life as a whole. The book includes serious situations, humorous situations, and family scenes.

Illustration by Brendan Wiseman,
a young friend of the author.