Beyond the Journey
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Beyond the Journey

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Linda Rakos
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Every life is a journey. No one knows where the journey leads, how long the journey is, or who is woven into the pattern of a life. A life can end in an instant, yet common threads continue to weave strangers together beyond the journey. This journey begins with Austin Smith. A clash of generations drives this spirited seventeen-year-old from home and into the unknown world. In need of refuge, Austin finds himself at the home of Jake Hanson. Jake, a widower of fifteen years, had built a wall around himself when his young wife died. Trapped in sweet memories that locked him away from further pain, his life had stopped on an emotional level. He could cope, and he didnt want changes in his life. Unexpectedly, this troubled intruder crashes through the door of Jakes past, yanking him back to reality. The boy needed him, and Jake had to figure out how to prevent Austin from making a drastic, life-changing decision based on anger and pride. Austin was at a crisis point, and Jake had to help him work through it.