“Slowly Is the Journey”
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“Slowly Is the Journey”

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Keith Gilbertson
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Swahili ProverbPolepole ndiyo mwendo.Slowly is the journey
Thank you for trusting my ability as a writer. Maybe someone will understand who we really are.... REFUGEEs...and why we need shelter.
Beatrice Kaite Mbayo

A collection of journey stories written by 61 students from the English as Second Language Program at Bluegrass Community College in Lexington, Kentucky. Many of our authors arrive in the United States as refugees seeking a safe place to live and prosper. Others arrive as immigrants and by means of a variety of visas. ESL students come to BCTC in search of a better life, education and opportunity. These authors are from 28 countries around the world. We are pleased and honored to share their words telling about struggles they have gone through to get this far and their dreams for the future.