Confessions of a Single Man
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Confessions of a Single Man

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Peter Anthony
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Confessions of a Single Man is an inspiring exploration of life through the lens and experiences of author Peter Anthony. In this book, the author eloquently shares his deepest secrets, biggest fears, and triumphs through poetry and prose.
What is it really like to be a single man in the twenty-first century? This book answers that essential question for both men and women. For those who have failed at the game of love or succeeded, there is a lesson to take away with each page. Peter Anthonys hope is that through his confessions, readers will not only learn but understand that the greatest glory comes from truth.

Finding strength in his vulnerability, the author shares his lifes beautiful struggle of anger, pain, loss, love, and rebirth with delicate writings for all to experience a soul-filled world hidden from within. Anthonys words of simplicity will make you rethink, reconnect, revise, regain, and remember that there is a life of greatness waiting to be captured, beginning by being true to yourself.