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The Fatal Redemption
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Nick LeClair
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Carnage is a raw, action-packed psychological thriller with uncensored an graphic depictions. Grizzy OShea is a hardened hustler struggling to survive the gangland violence of his deteriorating inner-city as he comes up in the drug game. The college dropout gets connected to an Eastside distribution operation and rises up to become a kingpin while striving to provide for his family in the midst of the ever escalating danger. Grizs claim to his underworld throne comes with countless cash and gorgeous women fulfilling his wildest fantasies, although he evolves a fascination with Julia, a med-student who may be his key to salvation. It is here that he grows conflicted with his greed, lust, and addictions as he stumbles upon a savage dogfighting ring and meets a phenomenal Doberman Pinscher whose fate becomes intertwined with his own.
His life begins a chaotic downward spiral out of control as crooked cops and street thugs aim to end his reign on top. Grizzy battles himself as much as the insidious world around him, as he uncovers an unfathomable conspiracy formulated by a cryptic confederation that is hell-bent on corrupting and manipulating him down a path of destruction with his familys very lives at stake.