House of Elliott V
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House of Elliott V

The Overseer
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Mirthell Bazemore
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House of Elliott
Over the years, the family's matriarch, Clarice Elliott, has manipulated, schemed, plotted, and even murdered to gain wealth and security in a world of organized crime.

Clarice soon realizes that her beauty can only go so far, and the one she turns to for help when facing a crisis is costing her the most in ways unimaginable. One situation after the other begets another, far worse than the first one, though she always manages to keep her head above water.

Who would have guessed that her allies would one day betray her, using her most personal possession for gain her nave daughter, LaVern.

In House of Elliott IV, LaVern, a grieving widow, sees her life descend into a living nightmare because the very person who murdered the love of her life, her husband, Adam, would make her his mistress and would be the only person she could turn to in times of trouble, not realizing there would be a greater price to pay her innocence, freedom and now her children, which are all under the bondage of mafia crime boss, Paul (Paulie) Casadiano.

The saga continues in House of Elliott V: The Overseer!