Take My Heart . . . for Dinner
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Take My Heart . . . for Dinner

Enchanted Worlds
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Maxwell Kofman
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"Take My Heart . . . for Dinner" is the first novel of the Enchanted Worlds trilogy.
An unexpected chain of events pull Ben, a high school student from a prosperous family in New York, out of his habitual surrounding and throws him into a terrifying yet fascinating world filled with uncertainty and adventure. The plot of the book is not just the enthralling story about the adventures of a young man who gets sucked into a whirlpool of events; it is also an attempt to lift the veil of mystery from an unacquainted society, digging deep into the heart of Terra Incognita. This coming-of-age book about a young boy is intended for a wide range of readers as it explores history, social and cultural customs, and traditions of an ethnic minority, unravelling fascinating aspects of a society unknown to civilized men.