Real Puppets, Real Issues
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Real Puppets, Real Issues

A Collection of Puppet Scripts, Addressing Real Issues in the American Church
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Paul Reed
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It is no secret that some people are feeling alienated from the church, for various reasons; social status, sexual orientation, or how they dress, among others. For these reasons, as well as others, some have felt compelled to leave the church. The purpose of this book is to minister to those very people; to show them that although the church is not perfect, Jesus Christ is real and alive and will never mistreat them or abuse them; that in His heart there is a place for them too. Perhaps the most important part of ministering to those feeling like there is no spiritual home for them in the church, is to demonstrate that, while the church struggles to exemplify the love of Christ, Christ Himself is still real and is still alive and loves each and every one with a deep and abiding love. It is my hope that those who either read these scripts or see them performed will come to realize that Christ is calling us all and we have only to say Yes!