My Thoughts
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My Thoughts

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Martha Navarro Jr.
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This book, My Thoughts, has been a challenge for me.
Not only because its my first time sharing them but also because it is part of my life, what I have gone through, and the things that I see that made me who I am.

Sometimes I sit in my living room, and I have my windows and my door open, and suddenly, all different kind of thoughts start coming to my head.

Most of my poems have come from my teenage years and from the present.

One of the poems that I like most is the Bench, because in that poem, I was talking with God when I was lost, when I felt down, and when I would see all the people around me happy and I was the only one sad and depressed. The other one, My Angel, is the loss of my baby girl, where I have to be strong for my family that I didnt let all my feelings out, and by writing, it helps me heal, be someone better, and learn what I see around me and write it down.

That is why I thank you all for taking the time and read my poems, My Thoughts.