Strata Various
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Strata Various

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Bruce Bentz
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Anna Forthright, an intelligent, attractive, high-minded, progressive woman has a Washington, D.C. based R/R PS (Research/Resource Problem Solving Shuuush Agency) off-the-grid, highly classified job. She and her normally capable co-workers are increasingly challenged by a burgeoning plethora of unusual problems which demonstrate that their usual rational means of dealing with them are now less than effectual.In afterhours down time Anna stumbles on some e-book and blog pieces so off-the-wall, get-out-of-town and wing-nutty, she is intrigued to the extent of chasing down the author to meet him in person. Could he be real? And if he is, could learning more about him and the way he thinks be just what her faltering faculty require to rejuvenate and recalibrate?
Anna learns that Adam Mann is more than his publication. He accepts her invitation to spend a week in Washington with her and her colleagues to share his insights. The interactive sessions cover a wide variety of topics: thrash-free marriage beds, vegetarian chicken soup, an accost-prevention invention, dancing angels on the head of a pin, an easy million, heavenly virgins (of both sexes), terrorism made easy, free international travel and much more.
Provocative solutions to difficult problems do not come without a price. Washington has more leaks than a platoon of plumbers, their wrenches and five-times-around-the-world Teflon tape can staunch.