On Having Power: the Source of Power
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On Having Power: the Source of Power

Understanding and Overcoming Control, Influence and Seduction
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R. Leslie Smith JD LLM
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There is no such thing as powerless.
Life is not lived minute by minute, hour by hour, day by day.
Life is lived Choice by Choice.

Take back Choice.

On Having Power is about exposing the illusory nature of control, influence and seduction.

Learn how to recognize a power dynamic when it is upon you.

Understand how your personal needs combine with others abilities to create feelings of fear, anger and excitement which control, influence and seduce your choices.

Create a new balance between the power others use on you and the power you didnt know you had.

Take back choice and freedom through new opportunities for collaboration and compassion.

Change your power-based relationships at home, at work and in society.