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Autor: Barbra White
ISBN-13: 9781504360852
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Finding the One

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Peace and authenticity are inseparable. Your purpose in life is to Be Yourself.YOU are the One. Many women and men have used Finding The One principles and processes to find The One within, and consequently an amazing mate!

Finding The One is an accumulation of life changing wisdom, tools to discover your innate worth, and inspirational teachings. Each of the 41 small chapters contain the message of the entire book; this gives the necessary support to find the one and empowers the reader to apply the teachings to everyday life.

Chapters contain Finding the One Love principles, suggestions for application and a spiritual sex in the city like dating quips. The Perceived Protector section contains additional processes for clearing limiting beliefs and letting down walls. The Masters Paper section is the scientific, historical, religious, and Eco-psychology base for connecting to The One through holistic sexuality, nature, and body intimacy.

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Autor: Barbra White
ISBN-13 :: 9781504360852
ISBN: 1504360850
Verlag: Balboa Press
Seiten: 364
Sprache: Englisch
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