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Autor: Deborah Johnson
ISBN-13: 9781504347938
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How to Accurately & Instinctively Assess a Person or Situation Within 10 Seconds – an Invaluable Aid in Business & Personal Decision-Making
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I finished your book today and thought it was truly amazing! When I read Level 3 it put everything into perspective and has me thinking not only about others but also a lot about myself and where I fall into these categories. This book like the other ( Mind Set, Go! ) is great for me in my journey to be a better person. David Schnare, Owner/Operator, Alloy Concepts Inc.

What if you could size up a person or a situation at hand within ten seconds and then add this to your present decision-making in business and personally?
What does a person actually reveal to us through their most basic words, actions, energy, vibration, and even their given name?
What do we unintentionally reveal to others about ourselves?
Where do our hunches and gut feelings come into play with our choices and decisions?
How can we benefit from this ability to perceive on a whole new level?
Find out in this enlightening book that takes you past our present form of communicating and beyond body language to three whole new levels of awareness and understanding about yourself and others.

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Autor: Deborah Johnson
ISBN-13 :: 9781504347938
ISBN: 1504347935
Verlag: Balboa Press
Seiten: 134
Sprache: Englisch
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