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Autor: Cheryll Ann O'Callaghan
ISBN-13: 9781504346207
Einband: Ebook
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Sprache: Englisch
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The Tapestry of Me

Through Sacred Geometry
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Are we taught how to smell, breathe, feel, or see? We are born KNOWING and when our physical vessel is ready for natural, instinctive experiences, they happen.
With the Energy Consciousness of the Physical Human Vessel,
through the vibrations of the Universe,
WE will KNOW our purpose that is connected to the world in
which we live, and feel Home again.

We are organically designed to experience our world in a holographic manner.

Through Design (body), Thought (mind) and Purpose (spirit), we are able to perceive the perfection and completeness that we ARE within the tapestry of creation. By becoming aware of our Self again, True worth is discovered.

To witness the origin of the patterns that are found throughout our world not only allows us to intellectually accept them, we also feel the connectedness between their vibrations and our Self . We are not separate from each other, fragmented to stand in our truth alone. We support each other, intricately woven into a tapestry so that each of us can HOLD our personal truths.

WE are an intricate part of the Universal design. We are a thread within a complicated weave that, with purpose, transforms and expands into infinite possibilities. Come and allow a shift in perception by taking a journey within Self through the guidance of Sacred Geometry.

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Autor: Cheryll Ann O’Callaghan
ISBN-13 :: 9781504346207
ISBN: 1504346203
Verlag: Balboa Press
Seiten: 180
Sprache: Englisch
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