Living in Deception
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Living in Deception

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They call him the Ghost because no one knows if he exists or not. At least, thats what Sydney Cruise has told people since she was sixteen, but it isnt exactly true. She knows. Somewhere between an imaginary friend and a guardian angel, his voice in her head is all too real. His secret, however, needs to be protected, so she carefully rewords her thoughts into barely true statements.
On top of struggling to justify her secrets and lies with her faith, Sydney must follow her government training and protect Nicks two daughters, despite the fact that he is a more perfect version of her ex-boyfriend. Personal feelings aside, she plays the nanny role while trying to figure out who would want to hurt two children.

Since his wifes death two years ago, Nick Dublani has entrusted his two daughters welfare to nannies. Some of them have been good, others not so good, but his eldest, Lizzy, has chased them all away. When Sydney worms her way past Lizzys walls, Nick is impressed and thrilled at the possibility of her being more than his daughters nanny. But the truth about her past and purpose may drive them all down a road none envisioned.

Will Sydneys past come back to haunt her? Will the Ghosts reputation send them all crawling underground? Or will Gods fantastic truth set them free?