The Sketching Detective
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The Sketching Detective

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Jack McCormac
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The Sketching Detective, by Jack McCormac, is a detective novel for the twenty-first century, full of surprises, wit, and intelligence. Jack McKay, a university professor, is going to put his unlikely detective skills to use once again after solving the case of the murdered showgirland almost ending his marriage. This time, the doubting police chief, Fat Joe, asks for Jacks help in uncovering the murderer of Sam Campbell, a grouchy, miserly neighbor of Jacks. Jack wants to refuse to help the police on this case because of the trouble working on the previous case caused him but his wife, the lovely and feisty Fiona, demands that Jack help the police, if for no other reason than to clear her brother, Bob, of the mounting suspicion against him. In an effort to win Fiona back, or at least get her to move back into their home, Jack puts all his efforts into solving Sams murder and clearing Bobs name. Jack and Fionas whole neighborhood tries to get in on to finding the murderer too, causing a number of mishaps, and even more surprises. After navigating the many twists and turns of the plot of the sketching detective and discovering the truth behind Sams dark past, Jack uncovers, using his unlikely sketching ability and a fair share dumb luck and charm, the true identity of the murdererand it could not be more surprising. Readers of all ages will delight in the wonderfully intelligent, devilishly, charming, and delightfully intriguing adventures of Jack McKay.