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Autor: Davita Silfen Glasberg
ISBN-13: 9781498542494
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Sprache: Englisch
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The State of State Theory

State Projects, Repression, and Multi-Sites of Power
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This book engages broadly with the tradition of state theory, arguing that contemporary state theory must account for multiple sites of power. The authors build on and expand traditional state theory offering tools to rethink how we analyze the state.
The State of State Theory: State Projects, Repression, and Multi-Sites of Power, Glasberg, Willis, and Shannon argue that state theories should be amended to account both for theoretical developments broadly in the contemporary period as well as the multiple sites of power along which the state governs. Using state projects and policies around political economy, sexuality and family, food, welfare policy, racial formation, and social movements as narrative accounts in how the state operates, the authors argue for a complex and intersectional approach to state theory. In doing so, they expand outside of the canon to engage with perspectives within critical race theory, queer theory, and beyond to build theoretical tools for a contemporary and critical state theory capable of providing the foundations for understanding how the state governs, what is at stake in its governance, and, importantly, how people resist and engage with state power.
Chapter 1 Introduction: Power and the StateChapter 2 Breaking the Theoretical Stalemate: State Projects and a Multi-Site Model of Power and the StateChapter 3 State Projects and Economic Intervention: Balancing Political ForcesChapter 4 State Projects and Heteronormativity: Framing and Selectivity FiltersChapter 5 State Projects and Social Movements: Racial Formation and the StateChapter 6 State Projects and The Human Right to Shelter: Balancing Political Forces and Intersecting Structures of OppressionChapter 7 State Projects and The Human Right to Food: Direct Action and Balancing Political ForcesChapter 8 Intersections of State Projects, Multi-Sites of Power and The Welfare StateChapter 9 Where Do We Go From Here? Implications and Steps ForwardIndexAbout the Author

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Autor: Davita Silfen Glasberg
ISBN-13 :: 9781498542494
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Verlag: Lexington Books
Seiten: 208
Sprache: Englisch
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