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Autor: Randall S. Geller
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Minorities in the Israeli Military, 1948–58

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This study examines majority–minority relations in Israel during the state’s formative decade through the prism of its military forces. It analyzes how the leadership balanced its disparate commitments and argues that the state’s social, political, and strategic decisions regarding non-Jewish minorities reverberate to the present.
This study examines the attitudes and policies on all sides of the majority/minority divide in Israel during the state’s formative decade, and how the social, political, and strategic decisions made vis-à-vis the non-Jewish populations then continue to impact this unique Middle Eastern state today. While land, labor, and settlement policies, or the educational, legal, or political systems, could have been used to explore majority-minority relations in Israel between 1948-1958, this study does so through the prism of the army – in theory, the state’s most unifying social institution.The central questions investigated in this study are; how did the leadership of the Jewish majority balance its declared commitment to the state’s democratic ideals and the principle of equality on the one hand, and its commitment to creating a Jewish state and ensuring its security on the other? Was the army – charged with instilling Zionist patriotism in Jewish youth – prepared to absorb and integrate Arabs, who constituted the overwhelming majority of the non-Jewish minorities? Would the state’s minority groups be viewed as trustworthy and loyal enough to serve in the army? Furthermore, how would (potential) Arab military service impact the educational mission, and particularly the simultaneously transformative and integrative effort the army was charged with carrying out among Jews?While a specialized work in the fields of Israel and Middle Eastern Studies, this book should appeal to all students interested in majority/minority relations and the state-building process in newly-emerging democratic societies.
Introduction Chapter 1: David Ben-Gurion and the Dilemma of Arab Service in the Israel Defense ForcesChapter 2: The Background to and Formation of the Minorities Unit in 1948Chapter 3: Druze and Jews after the Transition to Statehood, Fall 1948 to Early 1949 Chapter 4: The Druze and the State, 1949–53, Culminating in a Short-Term Druze Conscription PlanChapter 5: An Abortive Effort to Draft the Entire Arab Population, 1954Chapter 6: The Druze Draft, 1956Chapter 7: The Rise and Demise of a Christian Arab UnitChapter 8: Bedouin Service in the IDF, 1948–57 Chapter 9: The Recruitment and Conscription of the Circassian Community into the Israel Defense Forces, 1948–58Chapter 10: Conclusion

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Autor: Randall S. Geller
ISBN-13 :: 9781498541640
ISBN: 149854164X
Verlag: Lexington Books
Seiten: 238
Sprache: Englisch
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