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Autor: Jason A. Edwards
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The Rhetoric of American Civil Religion

Lexington Studies in Political Communication
Symbols, Sinners, and Saints
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This book examines the rhetoric of the Founding Fathers, activists, presidents, and contemporary actors who play a large role in helping to define American civil religion. It demonstrates how America’s civil religion is forged through contestations of its beliefs, rituals, places, events, and myths by different groups and individuals.
The tie that binds all Americans, regardless of their demographic background, is faith in the American system of government. This faith manifests as a form of civil, or secular, religion with its own core documents, creeds, oaths, ceremonies, and even individuals. In The Rhetoric of American Civil Religion: Symbols, Sinners, and Saints, contributors seek to examine some of those core elements of American faith by exploring the proverbial saints, sinners and dominant symbols of the American system.
IntroductionWhat is Civil Religion?Jason A. Edwards and Joseph M. Valenzano, III1. The Exodus: The Textual Heart of American Civil ReligionTheon E. Hill2. “Glory in the Fight:” Frederick Douglass and the Revival of Republican Civil ReligionSarah A. Morgan Smith3. Civil Religion as Communal Democratic Sentiment: An Emersonian PerspectiveAndrea Terry4. Lighting “Human Spirit Lamps”: Frances Willard, the Conscience of Reform, and American Civil ReligionAngela Lahr5. Billy Graham’s Cold War Rhetoric: Evangelical and Civil Religious RevivalMarissa Lowe Wallace6. In God (and Capitalism) We Trust: Identification Through Division in 1950s Civil ReligionBethany Keeley-Jonker7. Civil Religion as Christian Religion: Francis Schaeffer’s Liberal FundamentalismEric C. Miller8. Sinners and Saints: Public Memory, Civil Religion, and Citizenship at the Gerald R. Ford Presidential MuseumJohn P. Koch9. Civil Religion or Mere Religion? The Debate Over Presidential Religious RhetoricDavid Weiss10. Discovering Self in the Absence of Privacy: Race, Religion and the Imagined BilaliansSher Afgan Tareen11. Barack Obama and the Expansion of American Civil ReligionKevin Coe, David Domke, and Penelope Sheets12. What Binds This Nation Together: Barack Obama’s Secular Messianic Style in His Second Inaugural AddressCatherine L. LangfordIndexAbout the Contributors

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Autor: Jason A. Edwards
ISBN-13 :: 9781498541497
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