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Autor: Carly M. Hilinski-Rosick
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Issues in Corrections

Research, Policy, and Future Prospects
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This book explores in depth the main issues surrounding current topics in institutional corrections. Issues in Corrections includes chapters written by correctional researchers and scholars on prison behavior (including gangs and misconduct), solitary confinement, prison programming, and rehabilitation.
Since the 1970s, the corrections system has experienced exponential growth. Over the past four decades, the number of inmates held in US prisons and jails has quadrupled. This massive growth is associated with a number of different issues and challenges within prisons and jails, including overcrowding; gang activity and misconduct; a shift away from rehabilitation and programming; expanded use of solitary confinement; inmates’ human rights; criticisms of health care; and massive, publicly funded budgets. Many states now spend more on corrections than on higher education.This book explores these issues in depth. It takes current topics in institutional corrections and explores the main issues surrounding each. Themes include institutional corrections, prison behavior (including gangs and misconduct), solitary confinement, prison programming, and rehabilitation.
Section I: Institutional Corrections Chapter 1. Introduction: Corrections Today, Carly M. Hilinski-Rosick and John P. WalshChapter 2. Jails, John P. Walsh and Sarah LightChapter 3. Prisons, Carly M. Hilinski-RosickChapter 4. Gender Issues in Corrections, Carrie L. Buist and Emily LenningSection II: Security IssuesChapter 5. Classification of Inmates, Mari B. PierceChapter 6. Prison Gangs and Security Threat Groups, Beverly R. Crank and Catherine D. MarcumChapter 7. Solitary Confinement: Restrictive Housing, Segregation, and the Isolation of Inmates, Jody SundtSection III: ProgrammingChapter 8. Psychological Prison Programs, Emily Lasko and Chad PosickChapter 9. Substance Abuse Treatment in Prisons and Jails, David OlsonChapter 10. Correctional Education and Social Reintegration, Daniel R. LeeChapter 11. Conclusion: Corrections Tomorrow, John P. Walsh and Carly M. Hilinski-Rosick

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Autor: Carly M. Hilinski-Rosick
ISBN-13 :: 9781498541220
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Seiten: 214
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