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Autor: John T. Willis
ISBN-13: 9781498540285
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Sprache: Englisch
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Images of Water in Isaiah

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This book is designed to help readers understand and appreciate the role of various forms of water in the book of Isaiah. It demonstrates that there are several themes in the book of Isaiah and that one of these is water.
This book is a study of the various metaphors, figures, similes, and usages of water found in the book of Isaiah. It covers representations of water relating to: water as a blessing in nature; the sea as a symbol of the expanse of space; Yahweh, the rider of the clouds; water or absence of water as symbol of divine punishment, hardships, and affliction; water as a defense strategy in military circumstances; water as a means of dilution; rain and snow as symbols of Yahweh's word; various forms of water symbolizing arrogance; rain, streams, water, and snow as symbols of forgiveness; water as a metaphor for Yahweh's control over nations and triumph over enemies; calm water as a symbol of trust in Yahweh; Yahweh's knowledge as waters cover the sea; water, lack of water, and overcoming threatening water as metaphors or similes for restoration and help; the great river as a symbol of the influx of nations; tears as the manifestation of lament and mourning; dew as a symbol of serenity and life-giving power; the personification of water; troubled waters as a symbol of the wicked; swimming as desperate effort to survive; and cultic practices involving water. These themes emphasize important religious truths in the book of Isaiah. They include many concepts dealing with the nature and mighty acts of Yahweh; sin, punishment and forgiveness; Yahweh's work over and through nations; personal and corporate matters like trust and lament; and Yahweh’s work in nature.
Chapter 8: Various Forms of Water Symbolizing ArroganceChapter 11: Calm Water: Symbol of Trust in YahwehChapter 13: Water, Lack of Water, Overcoming Threatening Water: Metaphors or Similes for Restoration and HelpChapter 14: Great River: Symbol of the Influx of NationsChapter 15: Tears: Manifestation of Lament and MourningChapter 16: Dew: Symbol of Serenity and Life-Giving PowerChapter 17: Personification of WaterChapter 18: Troubled Waters: Symbol of the WickedChapter 19: Swimming: Desperate Effort to SurviveChapter 20: Cultic Practices involving Water

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Autor: John T. Willis
ISBN-13 :: 9781498540285
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