Neither Confirmed nor  Denied
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Neither Confirmed nor Denied

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I. G. Martin
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“Neither Confirmed Nor Denied” tells the story of a woman who endures the hardships brought on by her unfortunate childhood, marriage and motherhood. Adversity and distress are the strongest factors that affect Cinderella’s life, and her family has everything to do with her misery. She flees to America to build a life for herself and her children and to pursue the American dream. In the process she encounters more failed relationships and ingratitude and bitterness from the very same children for whom she has sacrificed just about everything. Her family is totally dysfunctional and her American dream turns into a nightmare. Of necessity she descends into survival mode, compromising her values and resorting to unthinkable lows. Her story is a very compelling one which continues, but without the promise of a happy ending.