Mediterranean Wild Edible Plants
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Mediterranean Wild Edible Plants

Ethnobotany and Food Composition Tables
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María de Cortes Sánchez-Mata
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This book is the result of collaboration between botanists and food chemists, with the purpose of improving the knowledge of the main wild species of traditional use as foods in the Mediterranean area, focus on ethnobotanical aspects, natural production, uses and nutritional aspects. One of the novelties of the book would be the publication of complete food composition tables of more than 40 species, which are not usually included in nutrient databases of foods. Many of the data included comes from the chemical analysis of representative samples of these species and other are compiled from the scientific literature. Since this topic had not been fully studied, this book provides an interesting tool to be used with the purpose of the revalorization of wild food species, preservation of their traditional uses, and also as alternatives to improve the diversity of modern Mediterranean diets.​
Preface.- A Historical Perspective of Wild Plant Foods in the Mediterranean Area.- The Mediterranean Landscape and Wild Edible Plants.- Nutritional Ethnnobotany in Europe: From Emergency Foods to Healthy Folk Cuisines and Contemporary Foraging Trends.- Ethnobotanical Analysis of Wild Fruits and Vegetables Traditionally Consumed in Spain.- Natural Production and Cultivation of Mediterranean Wild Edibles.- The Contribution of Wild Plants to Dietary Intakes of Micronutrients (I): Vitamins.- The Contribution of Wild Plants to Dietary Intakes of Micronutrients (II): Mineral Elements.- Fatty Acid Profiles of Mediterranean Wild Edible Plants.- Wild Edible Plants As Sources of Carotenoids, Fibre, Phenolics and Other Non-nutrient Bioactive Compounds.- Antioxidant Potential of Wild Plant Foods.- Antimicrobial Potential of Wild Edible Herbaceous Species.- Recent Advances in Research on Wild Food Plants and Their Biological-Pharmacological Activity.- Ethnobotanical and Food Composition Monographs of Selected Mediterranean Wild Edible Plants.