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Dialysis in Older Adults

A Clinical Handbook
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Madhukar Misra
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This practical handbook offers quick and sound advice on the many issues faced when dialyzing the older patient. It is authored by well-known international experts who have covered the full range of end stage renal disorders including treatment options, patient management and maximization of quality of life.  Accessible and easy-to-read, Dialysis in Older Adults serves as the go-to reference for clinicians and members of their team as they treat this challenging patient population.

ESRD in the elderly: scope of the problem.- Choice of Dialysis in the elderly: Impact of specific education.- Hemodynamic considerations during Hemodialysis in the Elderly.- The pros and cons of home versus in-center HD in the elderly.- HD access in the elderly: planning to execution.- PD in the elderly (home/assisted/in nursing home).- Managing Blood pressure in the elderly: what is different?- A sensible approach to address dialysis adequacy in the elderly.- Anemia management in the elderly dialysis patient: is it different?- Mineral bone Disease in the elderly dialysis patient:management pearls.- Altered pharmacology and pill burden in the elderly: a balancing act.- Dialyzing the elderly patient with CHF: what is important to know?- Dialyzing the elderly patient with Acute kidney Injury.- Dialysis versus conservative care in the elderly: making a choice.- Unplanned start of HD and transition to community: avoiding pitfalls.- Shared decision making: Role of the nephrologist in Palliative Care.