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The Kidney

A Comprehensive Guide to Pathologic Diagnosis and Management
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Donna E. Hansel
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This volume provides a practical, comprehensive overview on benign and malignant disease of the adult kidney. The text addresses the topic of assessment and management of patients with surgical renal disease. Within this scope, it includes hereditary and spontaneous renal neoplasms, as well as non-neoplastic disease that manifests as a clinically relevant mass. The book is organized into chapters focusing on discrete disease entities and incorporating pathology, surgical management, oncologic therapy, radiologic findings, and molecular alterations. This text is designed to address relevant areas of clinical management of renal neoplastic and non-neoplastic disease across multiple specialties and levels of training.

Written by experts in the field, The Kidney: A Comprehensive Guide to Pathologic Diagnosis and Management is a valuable resource on the diagnosis and management of patients with not only renal cell carcinoma, but also other renal processes that require surgical intervention.

Chapter 1:  Embryology, Anatomy and Histology of the Kidney
Jennifer M. McBride

Chapter 2: Polycystic Kidney Disease
Shreyas S. Joshi, Gladell Paner, Sam S. Chang

Chapter 3: Non-Neoplastic Disease Presenting as a Renal Lesion
Shane Pearce, Priya Rao, Stephen Thomas, Scott Eggener
Chapter 4:  Overview and Staging of Renal Neoplasms
Gladell P. Paner

Chapter 5: Conventional Forms of Renal Neoplasia
Ithaar H. Derweesh, Omer A. Raheem,  Ahmed Shabaik

Chapter 6: Familial Forms of Renal Cell Carcinoma and Associated Syndromes
Charles C. Guo, Armine K. Smith, Christian P. Pavlovich

Chapter 7: Translocation-Associated Carcinoma
Zachary Klaassen,  John M. DiBianco, Martha K. Terris

Chapter 8: Collecting Duct Carcinoma and Renal Medullary Carcinoma
Jamie Koo, Christopher P Filson, Jiaoti Huang, Allan J Pantuck

Chapter 9: Emerging and Recently Described Subtypes of Renal Carcinoma
Leili Mirsadrei, Michele S. Hirsch,  Christopher Kane, Donna E. Hansel

Chapter 10: Non-Epithelial Renal Neoplasms of the Adult Kidney
Chad R. Ritch, Giovanna Giannico, Lan Gellert,  Peter E. Clark, Omar Hameed

Chapter 11: Pediatric Renal Neoplasms
Michael Yap, Mariah Z. Leivo, Denise Malicki, Donna E. Hansel, George Chiang

Chapter 12: Glomerular Disease
Ed Gould, Anna Burgner

Chapter 13: Non-Neoplastic Kidney Diseases in the Setting of a Renal Mass
Anthony Cha

ng, Vanesa Bijol