High Pressure Processing of Food
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High Pressure Processing of Food

Principles, Technology and Applications
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V. M. Balasubramaniam
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Food Engineering Series

High pressure processing technology has been adopted worldwide at the industrial level to preserve a wide variety of food products without using heat or chemical preservatives. High Pressure Processing: Technology Principles and Applications will review the basic technology principles and process parameters that govern microbial safety and product quality, an essential requirement for industrial application. This book will be of interest to scientists in the food industry, in particular to those involved in the processing of products such as meat, fish, fruits, and vegetables. The book will be equally important to food microbiologists and processing specialists in both the government and food industry. Moreover, it will be a valuable reference for authorities involved in the import and export of high pressure treated food products. Finally, this update on the science and technology of high pressure processing will be helpful to all academic, industrial, local, and state educators in their educational efforts, as well as a great resource for graduate students interested in learning about state-of-the-art technology in food engineering.
Presents a comprehensive overview of high-pressure processing, an industrially relevant solution to the growing consumer demand for wholesome, fresh-tasting foods, where application of pressure assures food safety
Preface.- Section 1. Introduction.- 1. Fundamentals and Applications of High Pressure Processing Technology.- 2. A Short History of Research and Development Efforts Leading to the Commercialization of High Pressure Processing of Food.- Section 2. Process Equipment and Packaging.- 3. Industrial Scale High Pressure Processing Equipment.- 4. Continuous-High Pressure Processing to Extend Product Shelf Life.- 5. High Pressure Effects on Packaging Material.- Section 3. High Pressure Process Engineering Characterization.- 6. In Situ Thermal, Volumetric and Electrical Properties of Food Matrices Under Elevated Pressure and the Techniques Employed to Measure Them.- 7. Food Processing by High Pressure Homogenization.- 8. Pressure Shift Freezing and Thawing.- 9. Pulsed High Pressure.- 10. Applications and Opportunities for Pressure-Assisted Extraction.- 11. High Pressure in Combination with High Temperature and Other Preservation Factors.- 12. Modeling High Pressure Processes-Equipment Design, Process Performance Evaluation and Validation.- 13. High Pressure Processing Uniformity.- 14. Microbiological Aspects of High Pressure Food Processing: Inactivation of Vegetative Microorganisms and Spores.- 15. High Pressure Effects on Viruses.- 16. High Pressure Inactivation of Transmissible Spongiform Encephalopathy Agents (Prions) in Processed Meats.- 17. Mathematical Models Based on Transition State Theory for the Microbial Safety of Foods by High Pressure.- 18. Pressure Effects on Food Proteins.- 19. Effects of High Pressure on Enzymes.- 20. Pressure Gelatinization of Starch.- 21. Reaction Chemistry at High Pressure and High Temperature.- 22. Effect of High Pressure Processing on Bioactive Compounds.- 23. Structural Changes in Foods Caused by High Pressure Processing.- Section 6. High Pressure Applications in Various Food Industry Sectors.- 24. High Pressure Effects on Fruits and Vegetables.- 25. Processing Dairy Products Utilizing High Pressure.- 26. Processing of Meat Products Utilizing High Pressure.- 27. Pressure Effects on Seafoods.- 28. Egg-Based Product Development for High Pressure Processes at Low and High Temperature.- Section 7. Regulatory and Consumer Acceptance.- 29. Pressure-Assisted Thermal Sterilization Validation.- 30. European Regulations.- 31. Consumer Acceptance of High-Pressure Processed Products.- Index.