Prevention Science in School Settings
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Prevention Science in School Settings

Complex Relationships and Processes
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Kris Bosworth
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Advances in Prevention Science

This straightforward volume makes a strong, practical, research-based case for integrating prevention programs into middle and high schools. Written by experts in prevention science and education, it examines educational goals and prevention of risky behaviors as parallel and complementary processes and provides evidence for health-promoting schools as a critical forum for student development. Chapters show the benefits of this collaboration, as instructors engage with prevention content, prevention scientists study schools and create interventions, and counselors develop and implement activities, resulting in improved academic, social, and health outcomes. Examples of successful prevention strategies address personal and public health issues as varied as substance abuse, dating violence, dropping out, and suicide.

Among the topics covered:

Engaging school leaders in prevention
Developing school-based prevention curricula
Scaling up evidence-based prevention interventions and practices
Conducting prevention research and evaluation in schools
Promoting a positive school climate and culture
Reducing disruptive behavior, violence, and bullying

Child and school psychologists, administrators, teachers, school counselors, and prevention specialists will find significant common ground in Prevention Science in School Settings. The breadth and depth of coverage point to new, multidisciplinary directions in health education, school climate/culture, and positive youth development.
Reduces the disconnect between prevention research and educational practice
_ _Introduction.- Section 1: How Schools Work.- The American Education System 1970-Present.- Leadership in American Schools.- Counselors' Impact on Schools.- Teachers on the Frontline of Prevention Science.- Health Education and Health Services.- Section 2: Prevention Science.- Prevention Science: From Birth of the Field in 1970 to the Present.- Curriculum Development.- Scaling Up.- Section 3: Research in and with Schools.- Schools as Venues for Prevention Programming.- Evaluating and Researching School-Based Prevention.- School as a Unit of Analysis.- Section 4: Parallels between Education and Prevention Science.- Culture and Climate.- Social-Emotional Learning (SEL).- Behavior and Discipline (Including Violence and Bullying).- Suicide.- Dropout Prevention.- Conclusion.