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Autor: Johannes Hirrlinger
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Brain Energy Metabolism

90, Neuromethods
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Brain Energy Metabolism addresses its challenging subject by presenting diverse technologies allowing for the investigation of brain energy metabolism on different levels of complexity. Model systems are discussed, starting from the reductionist approach like primary cell cultures which allow assessing of the properties and functions of a single brain cell type with many different types of analysis, however, at the expense of neglecting the interaction between cell types in the brain. On the other end, analysis in animals and humans in vivo is discussed, maintaining the full complexity of the tissue and the organism but making high demands on the methods of analysis. Written for the popular Neuromethods series, chapters include the kind of detailed description and key implementation advice that aims to support reproducible results in the lab.Meticulous and authoritative, Brain Energy Metabolism provides an ideal guide for researchers interested in brain energy metabolism with the hope of stimulating more research in this exciting and very important field.
Includes techniques to investigate brain energy metabolism in differing levels of cell and tissue complexity
1. Determination of CO 2 Production in Subcellular Preparations like Synaptosomes and Isolated Mitochondria Using 14 C-Labeled Substrates and Radioactive CO 2 Measurements

Mary C. McKenna and Irene B. Hopkins

2. Transport of Lactate: Characterization of the Transporters Involved in Transport at the Plasma Membrane by Heterologous Protein Expression in Xenopus Oocytes

Holger M. Becker

3. Primary Cultures of Astrocytes and Neurons as Model Systems to Study the Metabolism and Metabolite Export from Brain Cells

Ketki Tulpule, Michaela C. Hohnholt, Johannes Hirrlinger, and Ralf Dringen

4. Metabolic Mapping of Astrocytes and Neurons in Culture Using Stable Isotopes and Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry (GC-MS)

Anne B. Walls, Lasse K. Bak, Ursula Sonnewald, Arne Schousboe, and Helle S. Waagepetersen

5. Metabolic Flux Analysis Tools to Investigate Brain Metabolism In Vitro

Ana I. Amaral, Paula M. Alves, and Ana P. Teixeira

6. Fluorescent Nanosensor Based Flux Analysis: Overview and the Example of Glucose

L. Felipe Barros, Felipe Baeza-Lehnert, Rocío Valdebenito, Sebastián Ceballo, and Karin Alegría

7. Mitochondrial Bioenergetics Assessed by Functional Fluorescence Dyes

Juan Carlos Corona and Michael R. Duchen

8. RNA Interference as a Tool to Selectively Down-Modulate Protein Function

Seila Fernandez-Fernandez and Juan P. Bolaños

9. Localizing and Quantifying Metabolites In Situ with Luminometry: Induced Metabolic Bioluminescence Imaging (imBI)

Stefan Walenta, Nadine F. Voelxen, Ulrike G.A. Sattler, and Wolfgang Mueller-Klieser

10. A Chip Off the Old Block: The Brain Slice as a Model for Metabolic Studies of Brain Compartmentation and Neuropharmacology

Caroline Rae and Vladimir J. Balcar

11. Integrated Measurements of Electrical Activity, Oxygen Tension, Blood Flow, and Ca 2+ -Signaling in Rodents In Vivo

Claus Mathiesen, Kirsten Thomsen, and Martin Lauritzen

12. Measuring Cerebral Hemodynamics and Energy Metabolism by Near-Infrared Spectroscopy

Keith St. Lawrence, Kyle Verdecchia, Jonathan Elliott, and Mamadou Diop

13. Compartmental Analysis of Metabolism by 13 C Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy

Graeme F. Mason, Lihong Jiang, and Kevin L. Behar

14. Positron Emission Tomography of Brain Glucose Metabolism with [ 18 F]Fluorodeoxyglucose in Humans

Albert Gjedde

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Autor: Johannes Hirrlinger
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