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Acute Care for Elders

Aging Medicine
A Model for Interdisciplinary Care
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Acute Care for Elders (ACE) is a model of care designed to improve functional outcomes and to improve the processes for the care of older patients. This model includes: an environment of care designed to promote improved function for older patients; an interdisciplinary team that works together to identify/address the vulnerabilities of the older patients; nursing care plans for prevention of disability; early planning to help prepare the patient to return home and a review of medical care to prevent iatrogenic illness.Acute Care for Elders: A Model for Interdisciplinary Care is an essential new resource aimed at assisting providers in developing and sustaining an ACE program. The interdisciplinary approach provides an introduction to the key vulnerabilities of older adults and defines the lessons learned from the Acute Care for Elders model. Expertly written chapters describe critical aspects of ACE: the interdisciplinary approach and the focus on function. The fundamental principles of ACE described in this book will further assist hospital leaders to develop, implement, sustain and disseminate the Acute Care for Elders model of care. Acute Care for Elders: A Model for Interdisciplinary Care is of great value to geriatricians, hospitalists, advance practice nurses, social workers and all others who provide high quality care to older patients.
Chapter 1.  An Introduction to the Acute Care for Elders Michael L. Malone, Ji Won Yoo, James, S. GoodwinChapter 2.  The Team Approach to Interdisciplinary Care. Maryjo Cleveland, Carolyn Holder, Ariba Khan, Aileen JenciusChapter 3.  Patient and Hospital Factors that Lead to Adverse Outcomes in Hospitalized Elders Edgar Pierluissi, Deborah C. Francis, Kenneth E. CovinskyChapter 4.  An Overview of Hospital-Based  Models of CareElizabeth A. Capezuti, Marie Boltz, Chapter 5.  The Acute Care for Elders UnitRobert M. Palmer, Denise M. KresevicChapter 6.  How to Develop, Start, and Sustain an Acute Care for Elders Unit. Ellen S. Danto-Nocton, Carolyn Holder, Rebecca Ramsden, Jonny Macias Tejada, Anita Steliga, Karen PaduaChapter 7.  How to Disseminate the ACE Model of Care Beyond One UnitRoger Y. Wong, Marsha Vollbrecht, Patti Pagel Chapter 8.  How to Use the ACE Unit to Improve Hospital Safety and Quality for Older Patients: From ACE Units to Elder-Friendly Hospitals Samir K. Sinha, S. Liliana Oakes, Selma Chaudhry, Theodore T. SuhChapter 9.  ACE Unit Business Model  Kyle Allen, Peter DeGolia, Susan Hazelett, Diane PowellChapter 10.  Models of Care to Transition from Hospital to HomeElla Harvey Bowman, Kellie L. Flood, Alicia I. ArbajeChapter 11. What is the Role of Hospitalists in the Acute Care for Elders. Heidi L. Wald, Melissa L.P. MattisonChapter 12.  How to Improve Care for Seniors in the Emergency Department. Soryal Soryal, Marie Boltz, Scott Wilber, Michael L. MaloneChapter 13.  How to Improve Care for Older Patients in the Intensive Care Unit.Leanne Boehm, E. Wesley Ely, Lorraine MionChapter 14. The Future of Acute Care for Elders Kanwardeep Singh and Michael L. Malone

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