Enchanteur of Hearts
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Enchanteur of Hearts

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Ryan Carneiro
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Ryan Carneiro desires to inspire others by pursuing them to keep loving and forever accept being loved without dismay. Using his unique collection of love proses,you can detect his personal views about love,as he tries to link imagination with reality.
Poignantly utilizes emotions to unite two hearts into one, of which some being joyful and others painful.
After extensive concern towards passion,jealousy,lust,betrayal and more,Carneiro prophesizes LOVE as the means to a better accomplished lifestyle full of patience,embracement and alike,despite having glitches like vulnerability,envy,desperation,infidelity or more that keep interrupting its true reign.
Carneiro emphasizes that love shall prosper only if people concerned express pure intentions by not quitting on love as its never easily found.
The Enchanteur of hearts exclusively narrates his perception upon the endless quest of finding happiness,true love,exhilarations and ultimately the perfect soulmate regardless of the unexpected uncertainties and disappointments endurable.