Eyes of the Owl
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Eyes of the Owl

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Sherry Williams
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In the fall of 1995 Missy Vicelli begins 8th grade at a new school in the same south Florida town where her grandfather (Pop Pop) grew up. Much as she likes moving next door to Pop Pop and Nana, she doesnt make friends easily and feels alone at her new school. But that soon changes when Missy comes to know the quiet, spiritual and talented artist, Caleb Jones. And Missy soon discovers similarities between PopPop and Caleb, because they both share mystical experiences involving owls.
Because of Caleb, Missy now has friends at school, but she also has enemies, and she witnesses a continuum of good and evil. As she and Caleb work together on a school project, they spend more time together and together they do foolish things that get them into trouble.

Caleb is African American and Pop Pops old south bigotry comes out in a hateful way toward Caleb. As a result, Missy pulls away from Pop Pop and refuses to speak to him.

How can Missy and Calebs friendship endure? Will Pop Pops natural goodness allow him to overcome his bigotry when Calebs life is in danger? Will Missy reunite with Pop Pop to save Caleb?