His Blood
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His Blood

Supernatural Power and Redemption
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Karen Proctor
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The blood of Jesus is real and powerful. Author and apostle Karen Proctor has witnessed its benefits in the life of others and in her own life. In His Blood, she shares insight into the undeniable power of the blood of Jesus.Using her experiences as a pastor, Proctor weaves biblical stories, scriptures, and personal testimony to stress the supernatural and redemptive benefits of the blood, how to apply the blood of Jesus to daily lives, and how to find the way to freedom and full deliverance by the blood of Jesus. She recommends visualizing walking in the fullness of the promises of God and enjoying the benefits of his blood.In His Blood, Proctor demonstrates how, to this day, eternal life is in the blood, which provides a covering, turns away death, makes atonement, washes clean, saves, heals, delivers, consecrates, and can be used to overcome, redeem, and provide access to the throne room of God.